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Monuments, Murder and Memorials

$ 20 per person

A puzzle-filled scavenger hunt around the best-kept secrets of Washington DC.

See spectacular buildings and strange sculptures as you riddle you way through the Penn Quarter, interacting first-hand with the history of this fascinating area. Experience the tales of a warmongering general, a secret brotherhood over 150 years old and the 'magic' fountain that was supposed to turn the whole country sober. Visit the hotel in which lobbyists first received their name, the site of Martin Luther King Jr's time capsule, and the tragic place where Abraham Lincoln met his end.

Along the way stop off at great cafes, bars and museums, taking as long as you like to relax before you get back to your mission. Will you find all 22 clues and set a new high score? There's only one way to find out...

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2 - 3.5 hours across 4.8 km / 3.0 miles

Start Location

National Building Museum, F St, Penn Quarter, Washington, DC

End Location

Federal Triangle Station, Penn Quarter, Washington, DC

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The great things our customers have to say about The Secret City

Wanderers Review Image

great time exploring with friends!

Pitstops Review Image

Best scavenger hunt we've ever done, we'll b back for more

Jordans Review Image

Brilliant day out exploring DC, what an adventure!

SILVA Review Image

We like very much the adventure!!!


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