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Once your tale starts you’ll unravel cryptic clues to unlock the hidden path to a location within walking distance.

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“Just like an outdoor escape room, but better, with pub stops!”
“A lot of fun - we've done a lot of these and this was up here as one of the best
“Fabulous way to explore and discover our city. Would absolutely recommend this!”
“Absolutely brilliant fun and so informative away from the crowds.”

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Each cryptic clue is a series of directions, followed by a question to be answered.

On your route you'll see sights that are mentioned within the clue so you'll know you're on the right path!

The last step of the clue will require you to search for an answer at the end of the directions.

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    What You Say

    The great things our great customers say about us.

    Had a great time as always on this trail, so good to see areas you might not usually come across and see new aspects of our home town :)

    Really enjoyed the walk. Saw places I’ve never seen before even though I have walked around London many times.

    We leisurely did the Secret City trail and it was so much fun. The clues were not too hard to become frustrating and not too easy that we didn't have to think about it. Sometime the punctuation in the text caused confusion for directions we shou...

    Great fun for the whole family. You can make it as competitive as you'd like, or just stroll from point to point enjoying unique parts of London along the way.

    Great way to explore the city. I have lived and worked in London for 30+ years and pride myself on knowing the hidden side, but this took me to many a place I have never been. Pitched just right; challenging yet achievable especially after a few r...

    Great way to spend the day and see the sites

    Really enjoyed this trail! Has really changed my view of how beautiful London is - and so many interesting facts

    The only thing that messed up was the St Michael angel. We loved it otherwise!

    Great fun. We did this with a 17 and 18 year old and kept their attention all day! Clues were just the right level to test us but not too hard that we had to give up. Learnt some interesting stuff and discovered some unknown gems.Would definitely ...

    Loved it. London can be so overwhelming and this experience gave me to opportunity to really look around and see some of the amazing ‘treasures’ that go unnoticed in this incredible city.

    Great clues, just hard enough! Saw things I’d never noticed before, despite knowing the area really well. And just the right length. Excellent!

    We had such a great time, saw so many hidden areas, we were delighted that some of the clues were really difficult and some were more straightforward, giving a great sense of pace to our day, and I reckon if you went as a family it would be great ...

    Excellent way to see Harrogate and very well thought out clues and clever way of doing a treasure hunt

    Had a brilliant day, even though we got slightly lost (entirely our own fault for being terrible detectives). Saw loads of new parts of York. Can't wait to do it again in a new place as a tourist.

    Really good fun, the clues had some challenge to them but were fair. Would recommend to a friend

    So cool and an interesting fun time. Learn things u have never noticed before about London...and areas u have never been to.

    great fun and very informative. I was born in London but never knew some of these little secrets.

    Was great fun and a quality way to spend an afternoon! Super idea and a fab way to see the city of London!

    Great fun!

    I got to find out places I've never known for the time living in London for 4years. Amazing!!

    It was a real fun! Great experience to look around the secret part of the London. Was a little bit challenging but totally worth give it a shot!

    This was way more fun than I expected. So much fun following the clues.

    Great afternoon doing this during lockdown we walked for miles and even though are Edinburghers we still learned things we didn't know. I would have given 5 stars but for the fact we got central library as a penalty even though we posted it with a...

    Absolutely brilliant cleverly thought out and took as to some of the most beautiful parts of edinburgh. D definitely recommend for tourists or edinburgh locals like us.

    Great way to spend an afternoon strolling around Harrogate and solving puzzles!

    We have never been to York before so thought something like this would be great to sight see - and it was amazing!! We are now looking at what other ones we can do as we had such a good time!

    A clever little trail, we found harder than the one in the city. A good way to spend some outdoor time in central London and to see and find some interesting facts.

    Covid friendly, a great way to meet up, see some hidden parts of the city and exercise some brain cells as well as our legs!Enjoyed the outdoor ‘church’ building and the memorial honoring self sacrifice.

    Enjoyed exploring hidden areas of The City

    I bought this for my friends 30th birthday as a surprise! It was a unique and interesting activity to do in London and didn’t disappoint. It made you pay attention to finer details you wouldn’t have been aware of! Perfect activity to whilst the Lo...

    We had such a great time and spotted loads of new landmarks in a place we thought we knew so well!

    A really good day out, so well organised and got to see some hidden gems of London and travelled quite far . Perfect thing to do outside with friends in the current tier 2 situation. All pubs has outside seating. Brindisa tapa soho at the end poin...

    We had a fantastic day discovering new parts of London with the family. Loved walking through the small parks. The clues were good with a couple that we found trickier. All is very well thought out and executed. We will definitely revisit some of ...

    Really fun and great clues! Thoroughly recommend!

    It was really good! Well organised clues and great locations to walk through. We took a few wrong turns but the clues made it easy to recognise our mistakes. We are planning another one soon and would definitely recommend! Please create tours in O...

    What a great day me and my wife had in York on 7th October 2020. The whole setup was easy to do and instructions east to follow. The clues were not too easy but also not too difficult. They led you on a well thought out route around the city and w...

    The walk was fantastic and we ended up stopping many times along the route to take pictures of buildings or statues that caught our eyes. It was a great way to explore London.

    What a great day- so much fun and a fantastic way to see parts of London that you have never noticed before . I have been to London all my life regularly and have never seen the golden graces !Thank you

    Really fun way to explore London, coming across lots of hidden gems we didn’t knelt existed!

    Great fun following the London trail with some clues that were easy and others more difficult! Cant wait to do the next one

    We loved the trail, what a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. Really great story and fun clues. We will definitely check out the other trails when we visit other cities. Thank you for the entertaining day!

    Great trail! Makes you more aware of your surroundings and get to know London better. Makes you look up and see things you wouldn't usually see! Challenging without being impossible. Didn't know about the police lookout post in Trafalgar Square - ...

    Absolutely brilliant! Takes you to places you’d never think of going, or even know are there. Gave us a totally new perspective on London - by the end we wanted to do it all again. Can’t wait to do another!

    We enjoyed the game. We were just a bit annoyed by the 90 minutes penalty as there was probably a communication issue. Anyway, the whole experience was really nice!

    The trail was great fun with clues that were challenging but not too tricky to solve. It was nice to see York from different viewpoints and allowed us time to explore different things along the way whilst still completing the trail. The story that...

    We enjoyed visiting some lovely places we had never come across before. It kept the kids engaged whilst getting a good walk.

    Very well organised and good fun mystery tour . We saw parts of York we didn’t know existed and loved the clues to solve. I can thoroughly recommend. My daughter (aged 12) was absolutely hooked! Go and enjoy yourself!!

    We had a brilliant day! The clues were just right, tricky enough to challenge but not so difficult we couldn’t follow.Absolutely brilliant, would definitely recommend!!!!We saw parts of London we would never have known existed.

    Great fun and some fiendish clues once or twice to keep us on our toes!

    Absolutely loved it! Did it as a family (2 adults +8yo+14yo), didn’t use any hints but learned that wrong answers add 10min on to your time (so be aware ⏱).everyone felt involved! Break in between was a very good idea!Excellent way to learn new t...

    Had such good fun doing this trail yesterday. Came across lots of shops and pubs tucked away from the mainstream. Never had any intention of being the quickest so it took us most of the day. In between the cocktails! Definitely recommend it!

    A great day out for a late Mother’s Day present, good fun and a good way to see the sights of York.

    We loved the trail! Saw places we would never have seen. The clues are so well written. Can't wait for you to do them in more cities! A fab way to see the sights!

    A great experience. A great way to see little bits of the city you don't always see as more of a "local" some of the clues were a little tough, and when you start it's a little difficult to know what to expect.One recommendation--always look up!W...

    Really good. Great event

    Loved it! Well thought out clues which took us all over the area we work in every day, but have never properly explored. Can’t wait to try another one!

    Super-fun, learned some cool new things about York that we wouldn’t have found out otherwise. Thanks so much!

    What a brilliant way to see London. We found parks, statues, plaques and ruins we never would have seen otherwise. All of us from age 8 to over 50 loved it!

    One of the best ways to see parts of York's history you might not have seen otherwise. We had great fun and it's very rewarding to solve the clues. Some clues are a bit cryptic and some non-native speakers might struggle with the puns etcetera, bu...

    We loved the trail! Colleagues from the US, Netherlands, Denmark and UK. As a person who has loved in York for 15yrars I saw things I've never seen before. It was fabulous. The technical hitches were sorted quickly and my other half and I plan to ...

    Very enjoyable introduction to Harrogate. Got a little lost as we still cant find what building was demolished for a car park. (Had to google as I refused to get hints and we were already 2 incorrect answers down)The gardens were lovely. Would lov...

    Brilliant trail. Visited areas we would never have gone. The Roman amphitheatre was a highlight, along with the pubs 😀🎉

    Good fun!

    Was apprehensive, but thoroughly impressed. Really really well made, and we had a cracking day. We had two teams of 6 people racing to the end, and we had such a laugh. Highly recommended, and very well priced. Definitely would do another one of t...

    Brilliant family outing, the trail provide a great purpose to go exploring and for us all to work together with the clues. Bring on the next one.

    What a way to explore. We all had a fantasetic time; the route was brilliant and so were the pub stops on the way. Can't recommend enough.

    We all really enjoyed the experience – some very clever clues leading to bit of York you might not normally visit. Our party ranged from 5 – 41 and everyone had a lot of fun. Though it is great for all ages, I’d like to do one without the kids so...

    Brilliant way to explore the city. Great clues & help via WhatsApp. Walking the walls was not possible due to the walls being closed because of ice, but we were still able to complete the hunt. Really fun day & we can't wait to do another one!

    We really enjoyed it, a great way to explore parts of the city we don’t normally visit and look at it in different ways. Some of the clues were challenging but we figured them out in the end. A good family day out.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this trail. Made us look at things we would have otherwise passed by. Great clues. Good fun.

    We all had a fantastic and entertaining time following the cryptic clues around the City of York. Not only was it fun but it was also informative. It was good to do at a leisurely pace and to have breaks for refreshments too.

    It was a very nice scevenger hunt. Unfortunately the city walls were closed due to icy weather and therefore we couldn't find the hint there. An other place where we should find a hint was also under construction. Other than that it was really nic...

    Really fun way to spend an afternoon. Thought I knew this part of London well, but I was wrong! The included stops were a great idea too and much appreciated.

    Really enjoyed the Secret City mystery tour going to places I’d never been before and noticing things I’ve previously walked past! The clues were suitably difficult so you have to use your brain and think laterally! Fortunately it stayed dry as r...

    Great way to see bits of London you don’t usually look at - clues were well thought out and great fun was had by all - thank you

    We had a really good afternoon walking through London figuring out the clues.

    Great activity us to do as a family. Interesting and well thought out route around the city and great to have a beer break at Pivni.

    Great afternoon exploring sights in Central London I never knew existed, highly recommended!

    A fantastic walk about some of the hidden sights of old London that we have unknowingly walked passed. Fun day out, would recommend.

    An enjoyable trail. Got us to pay much closer attention to places we thought we knew really well. Look forward to following more trails!

    Very good experience!!Taking you into areas of the city you would not normally visit and see. Great to experience these areas with the history of the tour. Though beware of predictive text when typing answers!!Bazz & Nic

    Absolutely loved every minute / challenge!

    Great way to explore the city of York. Plenty of areas to discover and little bits of history to learn. Awesome afternoon wandering and discovering. 5 stars!

    We did the City Trail. A fun day out. Glad we wore comfy shoes. Great way to see the city and find bits you never knew were there -like a Roman Amphitheatre! Nice to have a stop half way round. Easy enough clues to follow but needed to keep an eye...

    Truly fantastic - Did this today with my husband and it was brilliant. Really felt as if we were in our own version of the Divinci Code or Challenge Aneka. Running around York solving clues sent to my phone. Saw some really unusual parts of the ci...

    We really enjoyed our tour experience. The clues provided sufficient guidance but also a challenge! We found & saw places that we've previously missed and will be going back. Great fun & insightful, many thanks, Nick

    Great idea for a family day in London getting to see parts of the City that you might walk past on a daily basis but never actually take notice of .... we will be booking another tour soon!

    Clear and fun clues, easy to follow. Took us around all the cool areas of York and taught us about the history too. İt is our 3rd time doing a Secret City trail and we will continue to try the others too! Thanks!

    We had a great time but was a lot further than we thought! We would have liked the option of a longer break as we had some older people with us who needed a bigger break than 30 minutes.And also to end at a famous landmark rather than a busy road...

    Great fun! Good level of difficulty

    Absolutely lots of fun, we got explore sides of Londinium that we never even knew existed. It made us appreciate London's history even more!Definitely recommended. Wear comfortable walking shoes though!

    Thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Seen a few more parts of London not been to before. Suited a mixed group perfectly.

    It was a really fun tour with a lots of great sight included! We enjoyed it a lot!

    Found lots of new things in my home city, having lived here for 20 yearsGot scuppered by one building that was covered in netting and scaffolding

    Great fun, off the beaten track and we saw some amazing sights!Shame it got dark so we couldn't see the clue in st dunstan sq!Great afternoon though......

    We are four, well-walked, people who have had a brilliant time in York because of you and your team’s service. We loved discovering the city for the first time through winding streets and alleyways

    Thoroughly enjoyed our treasure hunt. We were taken to lots of little hidden treasures in London and discovered historical gems. We would definitely recommend

    Really fun way to spend 3-4 hours and see parts of London you’ve not seen before. Entertaining clues, lots of fun.

    Brilliant! Taken us on a great tour of London and some lovely streets we’ve never seen before.

    We had a great time, look forward to the next adventure!

    Amazing experience, perfect for a date defiantly something different that’s worth trying. Will definitely be trying another one in a different city!

    Had a great time on the City of London walk. Visited a few places we didn't know existed and had a very nice lunch at one of the recommended pubs - so nice we took a bit too long and our time wasn't that good! Will definitely try another walk.

    We had a great time, seeing some interesting hidden gems and generally "observing" more than you normally do! Never knew there was a Roman Amphitheatre in London! And we had a bonus bit of fun: early 20th Century London buses on show! It was good...

    Really fun day out discovering hidden gems of the city of London. Great clues, lots of fun trying to figure them out. Finding out about the Roman walls in the middle of London was particularly interesting. 100% would recommend for anyone who wants...

    We loved seeing hidden london, the parks and buildings. Education for a cockney! Great day out.

    As a born and bred Londoner this was a great day out walking well trodden streets but seeing new things. The clues are never too far away and so chances of getting lost are minimized. Lots of places to eat and drink en route and a brilliant few ho...

    This was great fun for a sunny day out! Right mix of hard and difficult questions and a good walk too :)

    An amazing way to see the hidden treasures of London! Perfect activity to take your friends and family on when they’re visiting. Love the cheeky pint options throughout the trail!

    A lot of fun - we've done a lot of these and this was up there as one of the best

    We made it! It was fun!

    Would recommend for anyone who wants to see the famous London attractions, along with some amazing off the beat spots. A whole day out, loads of fun and challenging! We want to do another one!

    Absolutely brilliant fun and so informative away from the crowds.Seeing about 200 youths cycling by on a quietish road pulling wheelies was amazing.

    Just completed the York trail - great fun walking round the city!! Really enjoyed it thanks.

    Thank you so much it was great to be honest!

    We saw a lot of places we would have never found without the game and places we didn’t know. Sometimes it was quite tricky but in a group it’s a lot of fun! We will definitely do the other Game for London

    Was great fun and a good way to see the city

    An excellent way to explore hidden parts of London, discover new things and learn the history behind the prettiest areas of the city.

    A great way to see York! We're local, but never properly spent a day looking round York and this was a fab way to do it. Would absolutely recommend and are looking forward to doing it elsewhere

    Lots of fun, great way to explore somewhere new when you don't know your way around 😁

    Really fun! It’s a great way to see London with different eyes. Cheers to alternative tourism! Can’t wait for new trails in the city!

    Wow excellent day out! Took my time and enjoyed discovering loads of interesting stuff. Finished in a pub, perfect!

    Despite the weather we had a great time exploring some unseen areas of london, the pub stops helped to dry off!

    Had a great time on the Quirks and Snickets tour of York. Fabulous way to explore and discover our city. Would absolutely recommend this!

    5* Absolutely Brilliant FUN. Support Staff A1!!! Excellent! Was a great way to learn & your own pace....this great City of London.

    Really enjoyed the York trail. Got to see lots of the City and even some parts that I hadn't even noticed before. Would highly recommend the trail if you want to explore. Looking forward to seeing this is more Cities in the future.

    Had a fab time doing the Quirks and Snickets trail in York. Time for a pint. Great service from The Secret City. Took less time than expected thanks to a bit of local knowledge. Thoroughly recommended to locals and visitors alike.


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    Team Ideas


    "Really enjoyable. Nice way to walk around York and see things we otherwise might have missed. The text message system for clues worked really well too"


    "My family and I loved this trail! The set up is really cool and the roads it took us on were new to me as a resident here...Overall it was a really great time! Thank you very much!"


    "Really fun! It’s a great way to see London with different eyes. Cheers to alternative tourism! Can’t wait for new trails in the city!"

    Hen / Stag Do

    "The perfect activity for the perfect day. A nice way to organise the day, great to have pub stops on the route too! :)"

    Office Team Building

    "We used the secret city tour as a team bonding exercise. It was a great way to get to know people you don’t work with directly. We all met in the pub at the end of the tour for a well deserved pint! - would definitely recommend for an away day!"


    "I was bought a voucher by a friend and didn't really know what to expect. We had a brilliant time working our way through the clues in York. Think I'll buying them a voucher for their birthday too!"

    Christmas Event

    "A great way to get the team out of the office, our comeptitiveness came out as our teams raced around solving the clues. Fantastic idea to have pub stops to meet up with each other and have a drink."


    "Amazing experience, perfect for a date definitley something different that’s worth trying. Will be trying another one in a different city!"