How Our City Hunts Work

This guide will help you unravel the clues, follow the directions and discover the secrets of the city.

If you are looking for information on how to setup your trail, take a look at our setup guide here.


    On the day of your adventure, head to the start location and when you're ready to begin reply back to our welcome message with "start".

    Immerse yourself in historic sights and obscure quirks as you solve riddles and hunt through the city.


    Each cryptic clue is a series of directions, followed by a question to be answered.

    The directions will always be in order so work through them carefully.


    The directions should be taken literally, watch out for word-plays and words with several meanings.

    On your route you'll see sights that are mentioned within the clues so you'll know you're on the right path!


    The last step of the clue will require you to search for an answer at the end of the directions.

    Have a good look around, answers are usually hidden in text - signs, plaques, dates, etc. But could something different!


    Found the answer?
    Reply back with the answer to unlock the next clue.

    Need a hint?
    Reply with 'hint' for a nudge in the right direction.

    Got lost?
    Reply with 'lost' to get some guidance.

    Fancy a break?

    Each trail has a curated set of pub and cafe pit stops.

    These establishments have no affiliation with us but are chosen for their fantastic reviews and experiences.

    Keen to carry on?
    No problem, just send 'skip' to receive the next clue.

    Ready to start?

    Take a look at the trails we have to offer.


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