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How It Works

Everything you need to know to enjoy our games.

Select your city, pick a trail of your choice and receive your briefing text.
Gather your team and head to your start point on a day and time of your choice.
Text START to receive the first in a series of cryptic directions.
Solve head-scratching puzzles as you unravel your mystery.
Discover unique places and great independant pubs/cafes.

Time On The Trails

See it through our customers eyes!

Get involved, get featured.
Send in your vids to hello@thesecret.city or tag us @thesecret.city!
Monthly prizes up for grabs!

The Clues

Each clue can be broken into two parts;
- 1) Obscured directions; unravel their meaning and be guided by your surroundings.
- 2) A puzzle to be solved; once you've followed the directions, search nearby for help to solve the clue.

Get hint & lost messages for help at any time!

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The great things our customers have to say about The Secret City

Team 2 Review Image

We had a thoroughly brilliant afternoon doing the city scavenger hunt. It was an inspired…

Inspector Gordon Morse Review Image

My partner and I had a brilliant time completing Secret City Urban Adventure today. A per…

The Revill’s Review Image

We really enjoyed the city hunt- got to discover loads of places in London we hadn’t seen…

Do or Donut Review Image

Amazing time, loved how clues weren’t too easy

Sandies Review Image

great scavenger hunt through the CBD, great tour!

Wanderers Review Image

great time exploring with friends!

Pitstops Review Image

Best scavenger hunt we've ever done, we'll b back for more

Jordans Review Image

Brilliant day out exploring DC, what an adventure!

Mad Hatter Review Image

It was amazing! And we didn't kill Sherlock the second time haha!

Davies Review Image

Great value for money and a really fun way to see parts of the city you maybe didn't know…

O’Newells Review Image

Twas lots of fun! Clever qtns… not too challenging at all but made for a fun walk around …

Team MB Review Image

Our first Secret City tour but it won’t be our last. We absolutely loved the experience a…

RAR's Renegades Review Image

It was really good fun. Some of the clues were quite tricky. It created healthy competiti…

BS Academy Review Image

We did the The City tour for a company team build and we found parts of the square mile w…

Ivetur Review Image

It was the perfect present, had lots of fun exploring London and paying attention to fasc…

The Kisborans Review Image

Fantastic day out and really interesting way to explore a part of London we have been to …

Star Bakers Review Image

We completed "The City" not necessarily in the best time, but really enjoyed discovering …

Hally’s Review Image

Absolutely brilliant trail! I saw parts of London I never had before and I loved how it m…

Dad’s Detectives Review Image

A fantastic way to get some exercise if you are a couch potato like me and at the same ti…

Lost in Bath Review Image

What a great way to see the city! I thought I knew Bath but there were lots of new treasu…


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