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Corporate Treasure Hunts

How It Works

Everything you need to know to enjoy our games.

Select your city, pick a trail of your choice and receive your briefing text.
Gather your team and head to your start point on a day and time of your choice.
Text START to receive the first in a series of cryptic directions.
Solve head-scratching puzzles as you unravel your mystery.
Discover unique places and great independant pubs/cafes.

Time On The Trails

See it through our customers eyes!

Get involved, get featured.
Send in your vids to hello@thesecret.city or tag us @thesecret.city!
Monthly prizes up for grabs!

The Clues

Each clue can be broken into two parts;
- 1) Obscured directions; unravel their meaning and be guided by your surroundings.
- 2) A puzzle to be solved; once you've followed the directions, search nearby for help to solve the clue.

Get hint & lost messages for help at any time!

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The great things our customers have to say about The Secret City


Amazing way to spend an afternoon, great trail and loved seeing new places & the views of…

4 cheeses and a cow

Really great fun! Really interesting historical places we never knew existed!

4 cheeses and a cow

Great way to explore London and learn some history along the way. Learnt so much even as …

Gaucho Girls

All Gone South was an eye opener to places I walk past all the time and miss! Some of the…


Another enjoyable afternoon spent doing A Secret City quiz walk, this time The City. Good…

Team Clieless

Great day so fun Good complexity

Mums on the run

I won a voucher for a secret city treasure hunt and it was ideal for my friends and I, wh…


This was a fun way to explore the city. We covered a lot of ground and the clues were goo…

Musty Buns

Had a crackin evening exploring Manchester - would highly recommend. It definitely brough…

Village People

Brilliant! Saw London from a completely different perspective. Great fun! Looking forward…

Harry and Jess

We both loved the city trail, seeing areas of London we never knew existed. We cant wait …


Great time with my work team!I super clever way to spend some time together and at the sa…


So much fun! A great way to see the city and with great pub recommendations as we go!

Team TA

Had a fab experience...

We're fabulous!

So, we thought we knew London fairly well, but the trail led us to places we never knew e…

Team LJ

What an excellent day we have had exploring the city area with Secret City. Very good clu…

Team SC

Amazing time on the City tour London. Saw so much and really made you look at the sites i…

Team CG

An adventurous day in the city of London , many hidden gems which one would never know of…

The Four Musgetbeers

Wonderful way to experience the city, seeing well known sights as well as some amazing le…

Team TF

We had a brilliant afternoon, discovering little known pockets of London, through clues w…


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