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“Urban adventures bringing the city secrets to life.”

  • - Work together to solve fun challenges and puzzling clues
  • - Explore historic landmarks and hidden secrets
  • - Discover top-rated pubs, bars and cafes
  • - Compete for top spot on the leaderboard

The Secret City provide industry-leading corporate events & activities worldwide. We'll turn your city into your playground and have your teams interacting and problem solving on a fantastic urban adventure.

Immersing your teams, getting them interacting with city elements all around them and working together, it'll be a day to remember.
Flexible games and a first-class creative team give us the tools to create fun-filled activities for any corporate event. Fully bespoke options available to suit all corporate events & activities; on-boarding days, product launches, guiding customers to your store or jazzing-up conferences.

Investing in our team, technology and listening to our customers, allows us to provide you "the best team days around". That's what our customers say.

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Corporate Events & Activities

Great Experiences On Our Corporate Events & Activities

Corporate Treasure Hunts
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Corporate Treasure Hunts
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Why Choose Us For Corporate Events & Activities

The Secret City has over half a decade's experience making innovate city games. We specialise in immersing your team by interweaving puzzles & challenges into the physical environment and getting teams interacting in the city they know and love.

Action-packed Corporate Events & Activities

Immersive days out

Fun challenges

Engaging puzzles and captivating stories reveal your city in a new light.

Discover secret places

Experience unique places and share stories in independent pubs & cafes, curated for each Corporate Event or Activity.

Play together or competitively

Work as a team or compete head-to-head to set the fastest time on our leaderboard.

Fully flexible bookings

Alter your booking freely; change the date, time, number of people or chosen Corporate Event or Activity. Even stop and start once you've begun.

Corporate Event or Activity Reviews

The great things our customers have to say about The Secret City Corporate Events & Activities

Goofy Two Shoes Corporate Event or Activity

Had a fantastic tour of Melbourne on this secret city mystery walk!The clues were great, …

The Dullards Corporate Event or Activity

Fantastic day!!!! Absolutely loved it! Discovered so many places and things in London we …

Boss Bitsch Corporate Event or Activity

It was really nice to explore Melbourne CBD this way and so many details that go missed e…

We’ve all got jobs (nearly) Corporate Event or Activity

Great way to see the almost forgotten parts of London

Gopiss gorls Corporate Event or Activity

heaps of fun, got to explore little nooks and crannies that i otherwise would’ve missed

Chi Chi money Corporate Event or Activity

Such a fun and interesting day out, and a great way to explore Bristol! Riddles hard enou…

Crabag Corporate Event or Activity

Great way to explore the city - good exercise for the body and brain!

The Z Team Corporate Event or Activity

Great fun some clues harder than others but great way of seeing hidden parts of London.

The Simpsons Corporate Event or Activity

Really enjoyed this. Went on a long walk around York, solving puzzles/riddles that were a…

The J's Corporate Event or Activity

We really loved our 1st Secret city walk even though it was fairly wet. Did the one aroun…

Nicolas Cage Superfans Corporate Event or Activity

Great afternoon of fun. Got to see loads of London I didn't know about. Would highly reco…

Eszti&Alex Corporate Event or Activity

Great way to get to know the city through fun facts. Perfect day out.

K-A-ron Corporate Event or Activity

Lovely tour around York, leading you down parts where you wouldn't normally go. Clever cl…

The Triumph of Jingletoes Corporate Event or Activity

Informative and entertaining. The best hour and a half that you can spend in Greenwich.

Team MD Corporate Event or Activity

Excellent day out with our family from down south, the last part was a little hard going …

The cutty 🦈 Corporate Event or Activity

Great experience to get to know the area of Greenwich even better!

Geordie Corporate Event or Activity

Great day strolling round backstreets in London. Only struggled the once but the Secret t…

Ben & Ali Corporate Event or Activity

Great way to explore the city and the story is well written and challenging.

Emily & Lucien Corporate Event or Activity

It was a really unique and interesting date for the two of us, and we both had fun solvin…

The Pink Panthers Corporate Event or Activity

A good balance of walking around to sites I didn’t even notice before, Pitt stops and cha…

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