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Bath Treasure & Scavenger Hunts

  • Puzzle-filled urban adventures
    bringing cities to life
  • - Immersive Urban Treasure / Scavenger Hunts
  • - Engaging, Fun & Interactive Clues. Use Bath As Your Playground
  • - Discovery & Exploration, Perfect For Team Building Days Out In Bristol
Your Adventure Awaits

Action-packed Treasure & Scavenger Hunts in Bath

Immersive Bath days out

Fun challenges

Engaging puzzles and captivating stories reveal Bath in a new light.

Discover Bath's secret places

Experience Bath's unique places and share stories in independent pubs & cafes, curated for each Treasure/Scavenger Hunt.

Play together or competitively

Work as a team or compete head-to-head to set the fastest time on our Bath leaderboard.

Fully flexible bookings

Alter your booking freely; change the date, time, number of people or chosen Treasure/Scavenger Hunt. Even stop and start once you've begun.

Bath Treasure & Scavenger Hunts

With incredible architecture, romantic riverside walks, and rich folklore Bath is a delight to explore.

Each street holds a new wonder - elegant parks, religious carvings, Roman ruins, and shady cobbled alleys.

And what better way to discover the hidden gems within secret places than with a Secret City treasure hunt?

Fall in love with parts of Bath you might never even knew existed!

Treasure/Scavenger Hunt Reviews

The great things our customers have to say about The Secret City Treasure & Scavenger Hunts

TEAMDHMB Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Another enjoyable afternoon.Very interesting journey through Kensington, visiting well kn…

Cher the love Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

So much fun running around, discovering new parts of the city, enjoying clever clues and …

Jac Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Lovely walking trail around London we hadn't seen before with clues to get us to the next…

KimPossible Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Fun way to explore the city! Discovered some new spots and cool details I’d overlooked on…

Winchester wonders Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Fab & so interesting

Knob Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

A fab afternoon out… struggled with the first clue… but once sorted, we were on our way. …

Leakey Newts Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Great fun. Great way to see the different parts of the city. We have been to York many ti…

Witchy bitches Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Had a fantastic day in York doing this trail for my best friends birthday. We are already…

Wondering Yocals Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Simply loved it. A small gripe about a question that was essentially right being shown to…

Simo squad Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Fab & interesting trail..found new areas of London..will do another one soon!

Liz Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Amazing way to spend an afternoon, great trail and loved seeing new places & the views of…

4 cheeses and a cow Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Really great fun! Really interesting historical places we never knew existed!

4 cheeses and a cow Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Great way to explore London and learn some history along the way. Learnt so much even as …

Gaucho Girls Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

All Gone South was an eye opener to places I walk past all the time and miss! Some of the…

TEAM HUDDERS Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Another enjoyable afternoon spent doing A Secret City quiz walk, this time The City. Good…

Team Clieless Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Great day so fun Good complexity

Mums on the run Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

I won a voucher for a secret city treasure hunt and it was ideal for my friends and I, wh…

TSH in NYC Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

This was a fun way to explore the city. We covered a lot of ground and the clues were goo…

Musty Buns Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Had a crackin evening exploring Manchester - would highly recommend. It definitely brough…

Village People Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Brilliant! Saw London from a completely different perspective. Great fun! Looking forward…

Ready? Book your Treasure/Scavenger Hunt today

Rediscover the city you thought you knew

Secret City treasure & scavenger hunts not only show you Bath's amazing sights, but will share fascinating facts along the way!

Our tours are about more than the destinations: They're about the journey too, so we make our journeys as fun as possible with wordplay, anagrams, and head-scratching riddles.

Find yourself walking secret paths, stumbling upon hidden gems, and approaching Bath's best-known locations in a whole new light.

With every tour being private, you can take your time and recharge in cafes and pubs along the way or take breaks to investigate locations more closely.

An amazing half-day adventure for visitors and locals!

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