Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get asked, if you think of something else, use the contact details at the bottom.

Each trail has a list of clues to get you from A to B, each clue will contain directions and a hint at what the answer is. Check out our what is this page for the best explanation!
If you chose to use SMS for the trail you will be charged your standard SMS rate, which may be free if you have a phone contract with a certain number of free text messages. Our Telegram integration will use data, again if your contract has a set amount of data you should not be charged. If you have any questions or issues then please get in contact with us.
After you purchase the trail you will receive a message from our contact number on your chosen platform (SMS/Telegram). This message will contain a start location and instructions of how to start the trail. Usually by sending START back to that number.
We have no affiliation with the pubs/bars/cafes used as breakpoints or clues. Please respect these establishments and be courteous when looking for clues.
You should receive replies to your messages within seconds. If you are having issues check your signal strength, it is always beneficial to add your team members to the team to receive and reply to clues.
Although most trails have no age rating the usual break points are pubs/bars, usually children can accompany adults into these venues without a problem. However we recommend the trails to 18+ ages for this reason.
We accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
Absolutely, our trails don't require any local knowledge. All the trails can be completed by visitors/tourists without an issue, a perfect way to explore a new city!
Our SMS service will work with all UK (+44) phone numbers. It should also work for the majority of International Phone numbers, however we always recommend adding a UK number to your team. If you are using an International Number we recommend using our Telegram service, this won't use any text messages, only your data.
We are regularly looking for ambassadors from cities around the world. If you have a passion for exploring and creating cryptic style clues then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch so we can speak further. E-mail for more information.
Our trails are available throughout the year for their specified opening hours, however, on bank holidays these times may not be reliable. Areas may become extremely busy which may make the trails hard to undertake. If you experience these problems then please get in touch and we will happily reset the trail for you to complete another day.
We appreciate that the service we provide can easily be affected by lots of variables totally out of our control. Things are very dynamic; bank holiday hours, unforeseen road works and other unscheduled interference. If you have any issues on our trail please get in contact with us. We will be more than happy to help and provide a refund/voucher for one of our other trails.
If you chose to do the trail by text messages; you should reply to the number that sent you the welcome message after booking your trail.
If you chose to use telegram; the welcome message will provide you with a web link, after downloading and installing Telegram from your App store, click the link and choose to open with Telegram. At the bottom of the app will be a 'Start' button, press this to load the trail into Telegram. You can then being the trail by sending the message 'start' at anytime.
After booking the trail you will of been e-mailed your account information, login to the 'Your Adventures' area to see your available adventures. You can then enter team leader information to receive text messages and which method you'd like to receive the messages - either by text message or Telegram.
Some of our trails have specific time slots that you should start within, this is usually due to closing public areas that you'll be traveling through. Some adventures can be played at any time so you can start whenever you're ready. The latest start time assumes that you'll take no longer than the maximum duration, most teams will complete the trail within this time, if you'd like to go slower then start a bit earlier!
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What You Say

The great things our great customers say about us.

We are four, well-walked, people who have had a brilliant time in York because of you and your team’s service. We loved discovering the city for the first time through winding streets and alleyways

Thoroughly enjoyed our treasure hunt. We were taken to lots of little hidden treasures in London and discovered historical gems. We would definitely recommend

Really fun way to spend 3-4 hours and see parts of London you’ve not seen before. Entertaining clues, lots of fun.

Brilliant! Taken us on a great tour of London and some lovely streets we’ve never seen before.

We had a great time, look forward to the next adventure!

Amazing experience, perfect for a date defiantly something different that’s worth trying. Will definitely be trying another one in a different city!

Had a great time on the City of London walk. Visited a few places we didn't know existed and had a very nice lunch at one of the recommended pubs - so nice we took a bit too long and our time wasn't that good! Will definitely try another walk.

We had a great time, seeing some interesting hidden gems and generally "observing" more than you normally do! Never knew there was a Roman Amphitheatre in London! And we had a bonus bit of fun: early 20th Century London buses on show! It was good...

Really fun day out discovering hidden gems of the city of London. Great clues, lots of fun trying to figure them out. Finding out about the Roman walls in the middle of London was particularly interesting. 100% would recommend for anyone who wants...

We loved seeing hidden london, the parks and buildings. Education for a cockney! Great day out.

As a born and bred Londoner this was a great day out walking well trodden streets but seeing new things. The clues are never too far away and so chances of getting lost are minimized. Lots of places to eat and drink en route and a brilliant few ho...

This was great fun for a sunny day out! Right mix of hard and difficult questions and a good walk too :)

An amazing way to see the hidden treasures of London! Perfect activity to take your friends and family on when they’re visiting. Love the cheeky pint options throughout the trail!

A lot of fun - we've done a lot of these and this was up there as one of the best

We made it! It was fun!

Would recommend for anyone who wants to see the famous London attractions, along with some amazing off the beat spots. A whole day out, loads of fun and challenging! We want to do another one!

Absolutely brilliant fun and so informative away from the crowds.Seeing about 200 youths cycling by on a quietish road pulling wheelies was amazing.

Just completed the York trail - great fun walking round the city!! Really enjoyed it thanks.

Thank you so much it was great to be honest!

We saw a lot of places we would have never found without the game and places we didn’t know. Sometimes it was quite tricky but in a group it’s a lot of fun! We will definitely do the other Game for London

Was great fun and a good way to see the city

An excellent way to explore hidden parts of London, discover new things and learn the history behind the prettiest areas of the city.

A great way to see York! We're local, but never properly spent a day looking round York and this was a fab way to do it. Would absolutely recommend and are looking forward to doing it elsewhere

Lots of fun, great way to explore somewhere new when you don't know your way around 😁

Really fun! It’s a great way to see London with different eyes. Cheers to alternative tourism! Can’t wait for new trails in the city!

Wow excellent day out! Took my time and enjoyed discovering loads of interesting stuff. Finished in a pub, perfect!

Despite the weather we had a great time exploring some unseen areas of london, the pub stops helped to dry off!

Had a great time on the Quirks and Snickets tour of York. Fabulous way to explore and discover our city. Would absolutely recommend this!

5* Absolutely Brilliant FUN. Support Staff A1!!! Excellent! Was a great way to learn & your own pace....this great City of London.

Really enjoyed the York trail. Got to see lots of the City and even some parts that I hadn't even noticed before. Would highly recommend the trail if you want to explore. Looking forward to seeing this is more Cities in the future.

Had a fab time doing the Quirks and Snickets trail in York. Time for a pint. Great service from The Secret City. Took less time than expected thanks to a bit of local knowledge. Thoroughly recommended to locals and visitors alike.