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Lost in the Loop

$ 20 per person

Take a walk through the heart of Chicago to discover where it all began! Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture and art of Chicago's North Loop while solving head-scratching clues that reward you with fascinating facts about the city around you.

See fragments of ancient and recent history hidden under your nose; learn about how Chicago grew from a humble farm and homestead to home of one of Picasso's strangest public sculptures. Find mosaics and jewel-encrusted timepieces; stumble on sites of tragedy, destruction, and hopeful reconstruction. Which famous mob boss is rumoured to have run a speak-easy from a sky scraper dome? Which famous newspaper got into hot water for revealing WWII secrets?

Discover all this and so much more on our amazing Chicago self-guided tour in the world-famous North Loop!

Plan your day

There are no start time restrictions, start whenever, although we do recommend some daylight!

2 - 2.5 hours across 4.8 km / 3.0 miles

Start Location

Pritzker Park

End Location

near Washington Metro

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