Treasure hunts for adults too!
A York trail with pub stops.

Treasure hunts for adults; a playful way to explore as a team, discover the hidden city and enjoy some well earned pub breaks…

A sneak peek sight for teasure hunts for adults to discover the hidden city of York. Treasure hunts for adults.

Sneak Peek: A not so secretive sight!

Whether you’re visiting York for the first time, or have lived here for 20 years, our trail Quirks and Snickets is ready to show you some of the secretive sights on and off the beaten track, it’s time to take on the urban adventure.

"My family and I loved this trail! The set up is really cool and the roads it took us on were new to me as a resident here...Overall it was a really great time! Thank you very much!"

Perfect for a morning or an afternoon, the treasure hunt has 17 cryptic clues to solve, each guiding you to a new location within walking distance. At the halfway point an optional beer break will help quench your thirst and recharge your batteries.

"Got to see lots of the City and even some parts that I hadn't even noticed before. Would highly recommend the trail if you want to explore."

The treasure trail typically takes 2.5 - 3.5 hours, spans 4 km (if you don’t wander too far!) and you’ll cover a decent amount of York. Your journey ends at another tucked away tavern with fantastic reviews; more refreshments on hand as you discuss who helped or hindered the most and extend your day out into the night.

Solve clues.
Unlock the path.
Rediscover the hidden city of York.