A York treasure trail, with a twist.

Want to see more of York than meets the eye? Take on our treasure trail and you'll be guided through sights on and off the beaten track.

Each trail consists of a set of cryptic-style clues taking you on an urban adventure, sent straight to your phone. The clues obscure direction with puzzle, solve the riddles to unlock the path to a new location within walking distance.

Cities are such vibrant and dynamic places, with so much going on its easy to overlook the surroundings. When did you last stop and take a look around?

There's always more than meets the eye, get out and explore all the city has to offer.

A perfect tresaure trail for adults, as you progress you'll earn yourselves a drinks stops in tucked away taverns. Brought the kids along? No problem, all breaks are optional!

A sneak peek sight for teasure hunts for adults to discover the hidden city of York. Treasure hunts for adults.

Sneak Peek: A not so secretive sight!

Whether you’re visiting York for the first time, or have lived here for your whole life, our trail Quirks and Snickets is ready to show you some of the secretive sights on and off the beaten track.

"My family and I loved this trail! The set up is really cool and the roads it took us on were new to me as a resident here...Overall it was a really great time! Thank you very much!"

Perfect for a morning or an afternoon, the treasure hunt has 17 cryptic clues to solve, each guiding you to a new location within walking distance. At the halfway point an optional beer break will help quench your thirst and recharge your batteries.

"Got to see lots of the City and even some parts that I hadn't even noticed before. Would highly recommend the trail if you want to explore."

The treasure trail typically takes 2.5 - 3.5 hours, spans 4 km (if you don’t wander too far!) and you’ll cover a decent amount of York. Your journey ends at another tucked away tavern with fantastic reviews; more refreshments on hand as you discuss who helped or hindered the most and extend your day out into the night.

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What our happy customers say:

Had a fab time doing the Quirks and Snickets trail in York. Time for a pint. Great service from The Secret City. Took less time than expected thanks to a bit of local knowledge. Thoroughly recommended to locals and visitors alike.

Really enjoyed the York trail. Got to see lots of the City and even some parts that I hadn't even noticed before. Would highly recommend the trail if you want to explore. Looking forward to seeing this is more Cities in the future.

5* Absolutely Brilliant FUN. Support Staff A1!!! Excellent! Was a great way to learn & see...at your own pace....this great City of London.

Had a great time on the Quirks and Snickets tour of York. Fabulous way to explore and discover our city. Would absolutely recommend this!

Despite the weather we had a great time exploring some unseen areas of london, the pub stops helped to dry off!

Wow excellent day out! Took my time and enjoyed discovering loads of interesting stuff. Finished in a pub, perfect!

Really fun! It’s a great way to see London with different eyes. Cheers to alternative tourism! Can’t wait for new trails in the city!

Lots of fun, great way to explore somewhere new when you don't know your way around 😁

A great way to see York! We're local, but never properly spent a day looking round York and this was a fab way to do it. Would absolutely recommend and are looking forward to doing it elsewhere

An excellent way to explore hidden parts of London, discover new things and learn the history behind the prettiest areas of the city.

Was great fun and a good way to see the city

We saw a lot of places we would have never found without the game and places we didn’t know. Sometimes it was quite tricky but in a group it’s a lot of fun! We will definitely do the other Game for London

Thank you so much it was great to be honest!

Just completed the York trail - great fun walking round the city!! Really enjoyed it thanks.

Absolutely brilliant fun and so informative away from the crowds.Seeing about 200 youths cycling by on a quietish road pulling wheelies was amazing.

Would recommend for anyone who wants to see the famous London attractions, along with some amazing off the beat spots. A whole day out, loads of fun and challenging! We want to do another one!

We made it! It was fun!

A lot of fun - we've done a lot of these and this was up there as one of the best

An amazing way to see the hidden treasures of London! Perfect activity to take your friends and family on when they’re visiting. Love the cheeky pint options throughout the trail!

This was great fun for a sunny day out! Right mix of hard and difficult questions and a good walk too :)

As a born and bred Londoner this was a great day out walking well trodden streets but seeing new things. The clues are never too far away and so chances of getting lost are minimized. Lots of places to eat and drink en route and a brilliant few ho...

We loved seeing hidden london, the parks and buildings. Education for a cockney! Great day out.

Really fun day out discovering hidden gems of the city of London. Great clues, lots of fun trying to figure them out. Finding out about the Roman walls in the middle of London was particularly interesting. 100% would recommend for anyone who wants...

Solve clues.
Unlock the path.
Rediscover the hidden city of York.