The City


A trail through the Square Mile, the original settlement of London formed by the Romans. Gather your team and get exploring; start near St Paul's Cathedral and work your way East.

Discover a Roman Amphitheater before reaching halfway where you can soak in the atmosphere of a cosy Inn built from...spoilers! Warm up and get refreshed before you head back out to conquer your quest.

Scurry onwards through a Victorian market before descending into magical ruins. Complete the trail to uncover another top notch pub where you can kick back and relax.

There are two optional pub breaks on this trail; the first is half way around and the second is at the end.

£ 31.50 £ 35.00 per team

Distance 4.7 km
Difficulty 2 / 5
Avg Duration 2.5 - 3.5 hours
Number of clues 14
Top 15 Leaderboard Times
Start Times: Start between 8am to 2pm each day
This trail has some gated areas that may be closed if you start outside of these hours.
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What You Say

The great things our great customers say about us.

Really enjoyed the walk. Saw places I’ve never seen before even though I have walked around London many times.

Great fun. We did this with a 17 and 18 year old and kept their attention all day! Clues were just the right level to test us but not too hard that we had to give up. Learnt some interesting stuff and discovered some unknown gems.Would definitely ...

We had such a great time, saw so many hidden areas, we were delighted that some of the clues were really difficult and some were more straightforward, giving a great sense of pace to our day, and I reckon if you went as a family it would be great ...

great fun and very informative. I was born in London but never knew some of these little secrets.

I got to find out places I've never known for the time living in London for 4years. Amazing!!

It was a real fun! Great experience to look around the secret part of the London. Was a little bit challenging but totally worth give it a shot!

Covid friendly, a great way to meet up, see some hidden parts of the city and exercise some brain cells as well as our legs!Enjoyed the outdoor ‘church’ building and the memorial honoring self sacrifice.

Enjoyed exploring hidden areas of The City

We had such a great time and spotted loads of new landmarks in a place we thought we knew so well!

We had a fantastic day discovering new parts of London with the family. Loved walking through the small parks. The clues were good with a couple that we found trickier. All is very well thought out and executed. We will definitely revisit some of ...

The walk was fantastic and we ended up stopping many times along the route to take pictures of buildings or statues that caught our eyes. It was a great way to explore London.

Really fun way to explore London, coming across lots of hidden gems we didn’t knelt existed!

Great fun following the London trail with some clues that were easy and others more difficult! Cant wait to do the next one

Absolutely brilliant! Takes you to places you’d never think of going, or even know are there. Gave us a totally new perspective on London - by the end we wanted to do it all again. Can’t wait to do another!

We enjoyed visiting some lovely places we had never come across before. It kept the kids engaged whilst getting a good walk.

Loved it! Well thought out clues which took us all over the area we work in every day, but have never properly explored. Can’t wait to try another one!

What a brilliant way to see London. We found parks, statues, plaques and ruins we never would have seen otherwise. All of us from age 8 to over 50 loved it!

Brilliant trail. Visited areas we would never have gone. The Roman amphitheatre was a highlight, along with the pubs 😀🎉

Was apprehensive, but thoroughly impressed. Really really well made, and we had a cracking day. We had two teams of 6 people racing to the end, and we had such a laugh. Highly recommended, and very well priced. Definitely would do another one of t...

Really fun way to spend an afternoon. Thought I knew this part of London well, but I was wrong! The included stops were a great idea too and much appreciated.

Great afternoon exploring sights in Central London I never knew existed, highly recommended!

A fantastic walk about some of the hidden sights of old London that we have unknowingly walked passed. Fun day out, would recommend.

An enjoyable trail. Got us to pay much closer attention to places we thought we knew really well. Look forward to following more trails!

Absolutely loved every minute / challenge!

We did the City Trail. A fun day out. Glad we wore comfy shoes. Great way to see the city and find bits you never knew were there -like a Roman Amphitheatre! Nice to have a stop half way round. Easy enough clues to follow but needed to keep an eye...

Great idea for a family day in London getting to see parts of the City that you might walk past on a daily basis but never actually take notice of .... we will be booking another tour soon!

We had a great time but was a lot further than we thought! We would have liked the option of a longer break as we had some older people with us who needed a bigger break than 30 minutes.And also to end at a famous landmark rather than a busy road...

Absolutely lots of fun, we got explore sides of Londinium that we never even knew existed. It made us appreciate London's history even more!Definitely recommended. Wear comfortable walking shoes though!

Thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Seen a few more parts of London not been to before. Suited a mixed group perfectly.

It was a really fun tour with a lots of great sight included! We enjoyed it a lot!

Great fun, off the beaten track and we saw some amazing sights!Shame it got dark so we couldn't see the clue in st dunstan sq!Great afternoon though......

Thoroughly enjoyed our treasure hunt. We were taken to lots of little hidden treasures in London and discovered historical gems. We would definitely recommend

We had a great time, look forward to the next adventure!

Had a great time on the City of London walk. Visited a few places we didn't know existed and had a very nice lunch at one of the recommended pubs - so nice we took a bit too long and our time wasn't that good! Will definitely try another walk.

We had a great time, seeing some interesting hidden gems and generally "observing" more than you normally do! Never knew there was a Roman Amphitheatre in London! And we had a bonus bit of fun: early 20th Century London buses on show! It was good...

Really fun day out discovering hidden gems of the city of London. Great clues, lots of fun trying to figure them out. Finding out about the Roman walls in the middle of London was particularly interesting. 100% would recommend for anyone who wants...

We loved seeing hidden london, the parks and buildings. Education for a cockney! Great day out.

This was great fun for a sunny day out! Right mix of hard and difficult questions and a good walk too :)

Would recommend for anyone who wants to see the famous London attractions, along with some amazing off the beat spots. A whole day out, loads of fun and challenging! We want to do another one!

Absolutely brilliant fun and so informative away from the crowds.Seeing about 200 youths cycling by on a quietish road pulling wheelies was amazing.

We saw a lot of places we would have never found without the game and places we didn’t know. Sometimes it was quite tricky but in a group it’s a lot of fun! We will definitely do the other Game for London

An excellent way to explore hidden parts of London, discover new things and learn the history behind the prettiest areas of the city.

Really fun! It’s a great way to see London with different eyes. Cheers to alternative tourism! Can’t wait for new trails in the city!

Despite the weather we had a great time exploring some unseen areas of london, the pub stops helped to dry off!

5* Absolutely Brilliant FUN. Support Staff A1!!! Excellent! Was a great way to learn & your own pace....this great City of London.


You can take extra breaks or come back to your route at anytime. Just continue from where you left off at your own convenience. Handy if the heaven's decide to open! Your team clock will still be ticking, but not everything's a race!
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You can use Whatsapp, Telegram or Text Messages with our trails. A few trails won't be available via Text Messages as they contain longer text and we've had some reliability issues due to this.
  • START: Commence the trail when you're at the start location.
  • HINT: You're at the correct location but don't know how to find the answer.
    (1 Penalty Free)
  • LOST: Got lost on the route? We'll send a detailed path to get you back on route.
    (1 Penalty Free)
  • SKIP: When you're on a set break but ready to move on.
There are time penalties for; incorrect answers, hints and losts. You receive 1 penalty-free of each, but after that you'll have 10 minutes added onto your team time for each use.
Simply; If you don't have a great time on our trail, let us know why and we'll give you your money back in full. Easy!
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