Top 15 Leaderboard

Secrets of the Squares, London

# Team name Total time Avg time per clue
1 The Jehans 1:18:37 0:05:14
2 Emperor penguins 1:18:38 0:05:14
3 Broccoli Soccoli 1:21:11 0:05:24
4 The Wilmslow Warriors 1:21:38 0:05:26
5 The Furious Gravitybugs 1:23:00 0:05:32
6 Also rans 1:26:10 0:05:44
7 So Hugo is not left out 1:26:22 0:04:47
8 The Wilmslow Wanderers 1:27:40 0:05:50
9 Swamp people 1:27:59 0:05:51
10 Team 9.5 1:28:34 0:05:54
11 Norfolk ‘n chance 1:32:32 0:06:10
12 Pickle and cheese 1:32:59 0:06:11
13 The Wilmslow Winners 1:33:49 0:06:15
14 Nikki’s Hen Party 1:35:16 0:06:21
15 Lost and Hangry 1:37:27 0:06:29

Secrets of the Squares Treasure Hunt

Got what it takes?

A cryptic trail through the central districts of London. Available to play at anytime without start time restrictions. Gather your team and get exploring; start in the bustling Piccadilly Circus and work your way East. Work together to solve the clues, unlock the path and discover hidden parts of London.

Halfway you can enjoy an amazing tucked away tavern near Covent Garden (a former haunt of Dickens!). Warm up and get refreshed before you head back out to conquer your quest.

Sneak onwards through Seven Dials as you make your way to the heart of Soho. Complete the trail to uncover another top notch pub where you can kick back and relax.

Recharge in some local taverns, the first near the midpoint and the second at the end.

This is a higher difficulty trail, everyone should be able to complete it with hints and losts!

Distance 4.5 km
Difficulty 3 / 5
Avg Duration 2.5 - 3.5 hours
Number of clues 15

There are no start time restrictions, start whenever!