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Make the most of the thriving city of Sydney with an outdoor escape game around some of its highlights and best-kept secrets.

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The great things our customers have to say about The Secret City

Team Three Review Image

I arranged this for a team building experience and everyone had the best time! Great way …

Dave's dream team Review Image

We had such a great morning exploring York by following all the clues. We saw some beauti…

Guileless Gibsons Review Image

We had a great day following this trail. Very lucky with the weather, but as it's flexib…

Honeymooners Review Image

Lovely way to spend a afternoon wandering round London. Clues were clear and easy to foll…

Super spy’s Review Image

14000 steps later and we finally solved it. Luckily one of us was from york as the one of…

Team TH Review Image

This was a great way to see parts of New York we never knew existed and had never seen be…

TheSunshineMonkey Review Image

I’ve lived inc entrap London now for 8 years and I have been to these areas so many times…

Hucy Loward Jemmy Review Image

Really fun, well constructed trail.

Matt & Mum Review Image

This was the 4th London trail we've completed and loved it as always. We'll be booking th…

Lockkeepers Review Image

We have been doing a lot of treasure/scavenger hunts in the US as a way of exploring citi…

The Umbrella Academy ☔️💧 Review Image

Great way to see the city and explore some hidden gems (and get the teenagers involved!)

Lovecraftians Review Image

Loved this trail, highly reccomendes. takes you to some lovely sights to see.

The Morris Dancers Review Image

We loved the Kensington trail, some really gorgeous locations I’d never seen before and s…

Joe's Team Review Image

We had a BRILLIANT time. We played as three teams racing against each other and it was a …

Rob's Team Review Image

A brilliant session, turned out to be wonderfully easy to work the system through WhatsAp…

Perfect duo Review Image

A fun way to explore London. We really recommend this!


Superb way of having a bit of extra fun whilst wandering around a city. The clues were di…

Lovecraftians Review Image

What a better way to see a city for the first time then do one of these trails. loved see…

Vigilantes Review Image

Great to become a detective with Sherlock & awesome for locals and tourists!

The Force Review Image

Puzzles were hard but in a GOOD way! Enjoyed the history facts along the way, the perfect…

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