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Murder On The Don

£ 15 per person
  • Narrative

A local resident has been found dead after playing a mysterious game. The only way to catch the killer? Joining the next round. Solve cryptic and sinister tasks as you work with Sherlock Holmes to try to figure out the identity of the game's murderous creator. Fail, and you might be their next victim.

This outdoor escape game offers an engaging new way to experience Sheffield. Explore the historic city, its pubs, statues and street art, as winding clues lead you to the heart of a deadly mystery. Will you be able to catch the killer, or will you be forced to survive by other, less heroic means...

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Start anytime between 8am-4.45pm (Mon-Sat) and 8am-3.45pm (Sun)

2 - 2.5 hours across 4.5 km / 2.8 miles

Start Location

Devonshire Green, Sheffield

End Location

Victoria Quays, Sheffield

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The great things our customers have to say about The Secret City

Team SS Review Image

A great experience and a good way to see Sheffield. Just right length of time and distan

Frenglish Review Image

A very enjoyable way of exploring a new city. Thought provoking clues with many sights to…

Team JW Review Image

Fun walk around the often over looked parts of the city. The only clue I reckon would hav…

The Buckaroos Review Image

What a fantastic way to see parts of Sheffield I had never seen before. The clues were so…

Fildersons Review Image

Brilliant trail through really interesting part of the city, long walk back to the start …


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