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The Devil In Chelsea

$ 20 per person
  • Narrative

A local resident has been found dead after playing a mysterious game. The only way to catch the killer? Joining the next round. Solve cryptic and sinister tasks as you work with Sherlock Holmes to try to figure out the identity of the game's nefarious creator. Fail, and they might make you their next victim.

This outdoor escape game offers an engaging new way to experience Manhattan’s Middle West Side. Explore historic districts, their buildings, statues, markets, pubs and street art, as winding clues lead you to the heart of a deadly mystery. Will you catch the killer, or will you be forced to survive by other, less heroic means...

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3 - 4.5 hours across 5.5 km / 3.4 miles

Start Location

8 Street Station, Manhattan

End Location

Hudson Yards, Manhattan

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The great things our customers have to say about The Secret City

The Kellroys Review Image

We had an excellent day, very sad we killed off poor Sherlock we were ahead of ourselves …

Meta Review Image

Everyone loved it!! Thank you so much for being so helpful and responsive for all of our …

Team Onyx Review Image

Really enoyed it, ran smoothly & nice area to explore away from beaten track!

E&J Review Image

Fun game, entertaining clues, great way to tour the area...


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