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Secrets & Sigils

£ 15 per person

Join the Secret City as we take you on a self-guided tour through the historic centre of Bath! With traces of architectural mysticism, a dash of Roman mythology, religious politics, and nods to curious figures from Bath's past, this is a vexing trail that will intrigue and delight locals and tourists alike

Bath is a beautiful city rich with history and incredible architecture. Diverse groups have all worked over the centuries to help create and preserve a city filled to the brim with intrigue, and well-deserving of its status as a World Heritage site.

Our route will take you around just some of the city's amazing locations, leaving you with plenty to discover for yourself when you're finished! Along the way be dazzled by some of Bath's best known and most stunning locations and stumble upon some lesser-known sights, all connected up by curious alleyways and gorgeous gardens.

Learn fun facts along the way as you explore and solve head-scratching riddles, navigate using pun-tastic directions, and recharge in local pubs and cafes along the way at preset rest points.

Plan your day

Start any time between 9am-9pm (Mon-Sun)

2.5 - 3 hours across 5.0 km / 3.0 miles

Start Location

North side of Charlotte Street Car Park, Bath, BA1 2NE

End Location

The Roman Baths, Bath

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