About The Secret City

Urban Adventure

The Secret City brings a different way to explore a city’s lesser known sights and areas. A set of cryptic clues takes you on an urban adventure and provides a playful way to connect the city’s hidden gems. Explore alone, on a date, or with friends and family.

Each clue, sent to your mobile phone, leads you to a new location within walking distance. Solve the clue to unlock the next step; hints are available if you need a helping hand. For those with a competitive streak your progress is timed and you’re ranked on our leaderboard, time to challenge your friends!

If you’re on a trip and have a morning/afternoon free to explore, it’s a great way to get out and see the area; with local pub/bar breaks along the way what’s not to like?

Each trail has details of estimated duration and difficulty before you set off; but if you spend too much time enjoying the refreshment breaks, you can always resume at a later date!

How To Play

After purchasing your desired trail you'll receive an initial message stating the start location and any other requirements. When at this location reply with start to begin.


If you're at the correct location for the answer but don't know how to respond then message hint, there is usually one hint per clue to help you. Each trail has one penalty-free hint, otherwise it'll cost you a 10 minute time penalty.


Couldn't work out the directions to the new answer? Got lost on your journey? Message lost, each clue along the trail has a message to help you get back on track. Each trail has one penalty-free lost message, otherwise it'll cost you a 10 minute time penalty.


On a trail break but want to move on? Message skip to continue on your journey without any penalty.


We have a team of trail setters that find intriguing landmarks that take you on a fascinating path through an area of a city.


Our cryptic geniuses add an interesting twist to the trail, can you figure out their challenges and make it to the end?


All this wouldn't be possible without the tech team, keeping our systems running and letting you use both SMS or Telegram to complete the challenge.

Sneak Peek

Watch our introduction video below.